The initial intent was to cultivate the local community and art using the center as garden plot and art supplies as the seeds with citizens the sowers and our teachers the sunlight, water, and fertilizer. Our dreams include many collaborative community projects including murals, sculptures, creative spaces along the paths, an art walk connecting the downtowns, to name a few. Establishing close connections between individuals, groups, and businesses shall come as a result.

The Park Art Center is a superb start, but with so many brilliantly creative individuals, our garden will grow. As more projects come to fruition and more individuals get involved we foresee moving beyond the doors of 9 E. Park. We envision a space with enough room to hold large events like concerts, recitals, large art shows and exhibits, choral and theater performances, film viewings, and more. And beyond any walls, lies the endless possibilities of the internet with which we can bring our exceptional products and programs to the nation.