Girl Scout Art Workshop


Earn Girl Scout Art Badges at Park Art Center

PAC offers customized art programs specifically designed for Girl Scouts grade levels Daisies, Brownies and Juniors to satisfy several of the criteria for a variety of badges*.

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Daisies, Brownie and Junior grade level Girl Scouts have the exciting opportunity to satisfy requirements to earn badges by learning about art history and various artists while working on completing the painting, craft and drawing badges! Each visit lasts about 2 hours, which allows for completion of several of the art projects associated with the appropriate badges, including time for a twenty-minute break for snacks and announcements. The art projects are specially designed to fulfill requirements, and can be customized to include your troop’s interests.

The cost is $20 per participant and includes all supplies and materials.

*We do not provide badges as part of the art programs

View samples of art project below.

Valentine trinket bowls
J.Villa Embroidery Workshop
rainbow leave

Daisies Art Projects

Clover Petal (Green Pedal) – Use Resources Wisely
The girls will decorate a re-usable canvas grocery bag with recycling messages and create a craft using only recycled materials. The girls will learn about artists that are using recycling materials to make art.

Zinni Petal (Spring Green) – Considerate & Caring
The girls will meet the PAC instructors at a retirement community and create a fun craft with the residents. It’s a good way to introduce girls to someone older and be kind and caring to the seniors.

Tula Petal (Red) – Courageous & Strong
Create a wood cube with personalized inspirational messages. The finished project is a beautiful and decorative art piece to remind the girls that they are strong and courageous.

Rosie Petal (Rose) – Make the world a better place
The girls will plant a daisy flower at the community flower garden across from Park Art Center, or in the Historical Museum Garden, and decorate it with a special handmade craft garden ornament.

Brownies Art programs for Painting Badge

Painting inspiration -The girls will learn about different painting styles and the artists famous for these painting styles. Included is a power point presentation with photographs of these paintings.

 Painting the real world – Painting what’s around you is the first step to becoming an artist. Pick one choice from a range of options and do a painting of something from the real world.

Painting abstract – The girls will learn what is an abstract painting and learn about famous abstract painters. They will use shapes, lines, and watercolors to paint their own abstract painting.  

Painting without brushes
Many artists such as Gustav Klimt, Van Gogh and Georgia O’Keeffe all chose the noble tree as subject matter. Students will also use the tree as inspiration for their art project. Using pressed leaves to make monoprints on translucent paper, and a simple printing block as a plate, the many seasons of the leaf can be quickly captured in this fun art project without using brushes.

Paint a mood – Pretend you are an artist who is trying to paint an emotion. Paint what you think moods like happy or sad, angry or silly would look like. Using stamps and watercolor paints you will create a moody portrait. Remember, it’s your idea, so it’s OK if other people don’t see it like you do!

Juniors Drawing Badge

Working with Prisma colored pencils – The girls will explore the exciting world of mixed media art. They will work with various techniques and media including, image transfers, Prisma colors, stamping, and watercolor.

Learn How to Add Shading – The girls will learn about famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Käthe Kollwitz, then create their own drawings incorporating different techniques such as hatching, crosshatching, and smudging.

Get Some Perspective – The girls will learn about artist Georgia O’Keeffe to get inspired for this project. They will explore nature, architecture, and other objects up close and far away then create your own drawing of something “zoomed in.”