PAC on Wheels

PAC on Wheels is essential to our Outreach program. We are currently working on a crowd fundraising campaign to acquire a decent size vehicle to carry all of our art supplies with the idea of extending our mission even further throughout Illinois. We are dedicated to promoting art education, exhibition and collaborative projects. We have reached out to many organizations and communities such as CureSearch for kids with cancer, YMCA youth programs, senior homes, schools, and foster homes for children.

We will PAC our wheels with the necessary supplies and deliver high quality art in many forms for all to enjoy that might not get the chance to experience. PAC is growing stronger than ever with the help and support of community, educational leaders, sponsors, superintendents, principals, youngsters, and grants. We are devoted to fostering the appreciation and expression of all audiences. We feel that it is essential to reach out and touch the hearts, minds, and souls of communities with the love and passion of the arts.