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Images from Within


Images from within photography book.
Hardcover, Size 9.25″ x 9.25″
87 pages, black and white photographs


Alisa Hauser first came to the Lockport Center for Behavioral health-a program operated by Trinity Services- to write a story. What she found drew her in and inspired her.  And just as she was at first draw to write about the people, so would she be compelled to eventually work with them every day. When she decided to tell their stories, she found the perfect collaborator in her second cousin, photographer Marc Hauser.

Marc became a celebrated and sought after-after photographer for his intimate, revealing portraits of movie starts, musicians, and athletes, as well as everyday people. His natural ease with people, his openness, and his artistic acuity combine in photographs that lay bare his subjects’ souls.

Each portraits in Images from Within evokes different thoughts, emotions, and memories. The subject, through Alisa’s text, tell their stories and share their triumphs, tragedies, and plans for the future. These portraits, in images and in words, reveal a humanity and dignity not found in any other book on the subject.

Just as Marc and Alisa were drawn to the people of Lockport Center and Trinity Services, you may find it difficult to turn away from these images from within, perhaps because they reflect the images within all of us.