Park Art Center invites you to experience the arts and make a difference at the same time by becoming a volunteer. As a nonprofit, community-based organization, we rely on arts-loving, civic-minded individuals to help provide important volunteer services.  
Email us at hello@parkartcenter.org

Park Art Center would like thanks to the following volunteers for their contribution:

Tim Bouras

Roger Lundquist

Kelly Kilboy

Mark Panegasser

Sandra Simon Nichols

Amy Bojanowski

Marianne Greco

Mike Dawson

Colette Freeman

Vicki Haas

Claudia Schmidt

Tracy Vroman

Doc and Tammy Hensley

Brit Matthews

Diane Blair

Erika Harris

Navreet Heneghan

Becca Placek

Phil Grecco

Jon Zaley

Don Cameron

Randy Von Riesen

Jeanie Nicholson

Tom Ceplecha

Rick and Alex King

Michelle Storc

Kate Goodwillie

Terry Hurley

Tom Lally

Sean McMenemy

Jennifer and Mike Sutton

Miriam Saari

Joseph DeAntonis

Al Staasch

Jason Shuckhart

Hannah Blackman

Ruben Gonzales

Jeffrey Goldstein

Nancy Stratton and Rick 

Cheri Johnson

Laurie Veneziano

Eloise d’ Estienne-d’Orves

Daniel Scalzo

Lauren Peterson